Policy Decision Making

Law Consults provides consultancy on public-private partnership projects, BOT, BOO and BOOTS projects, World Bank, Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Bilateral Funded Projects in infrastructure as well as joint ventures and commodity exchanges. The members of the group have served clients in establishing multi-million dollar projects in the field of Civil aviation, Power sector, Mines, Highways Telecommunication etc.

The activities of the firm relate to:

    • Advising on formation/formulation of business policies and approach to be followed in the existing legal-political milieu
    • Analyzing and advising on the areas of focus and avenues of diversification
    • Building corporate data base for the specified sector
    • Advising on local/joint venture partners
    • Advising on developing corporate image of clients
    • Advising on holding/participating in seminars and making presentations
    • Advising on co-ordination with various ministries/ departments of Government
    • Easing out local problems
    • Managing Estates