Legal Process Outsourcing

Law Consults brings the outsourcing advantages to several clients including law firms and corporate legal departments. The company is committed to ensure reliable quality, security and on-time support of legal work. The team at Law Consults, from its Indian Operations Center, offers a range of legal support such as Contract Drafting and Management, Litigation Support, Document Review, Legal Research, Due Diligence, Legal Transcription etc. Law Consults has put into operation multi-level security procedures to guarantee flawless network and data security at all stages considered to safeguard the information confidentiality. Law Consults’ devoted team of highly qualified attorneys stand by its clients ensuring the highest quality services at very reasonable costs.

With strong links with India’s best law schools and partnerships with major job search organizations, Law Consults has the capacity to access a vast talent pool at short notice, thus allowing a quick operational ramp-up to accommodate the growing client needs.

Law Consults offers substantial cost savings through a host of legal support services. We have dedicated multiple communication links from different service providers that ensure round-the-clock connectivity.

Security and confidentiality of information remains our top priority.

Our mission is to serve litigants, law firms, corporate legal departments, banks, insurance companies, immigration lawyers, bankruptcy firms, academic institutes and other organizations in countries like the United States of America and the United Kingdom with the best legal offshoring support from India. Our stringent code of ethics places the clients’ needs above all others and demands uncompromising integrity in every aspect of our business conduct.

Key Services

  • Litigation Support: Law Consults has a powerful team of top caliber adovocates which specializes in providing litigation support services. all over the country in all courts, tribunals, commissions, arbtration and othe rjudicial and quasi judicial forums. Law Consults litigation support team of advocates provided drafting, filing, briefing Senior Advocates and apprance on behalf of litigants.
  • Legal Research: Our team of legal associates has been carefully selected and has undergone an extensive battery of tests to validate their capabilities. We chart out legal reports for all practice areas, prepare briefs and facts at all levels of courts, make business research services, on request and make 50 state surveys in the United States. We also draft legal memoranda, pleadings, motions and briefs for both federal and state courts. Further, all our attorneys are trained on relevant legal databases including LexisNexis, Westlaw etc.
  • Legal Process Outsourcing: Law Consults understands the expectations associated with outsourcing of legal services and this understanding guides us in providing superior work product at a fraction of the cost. The domain specific knowledge and expertise has been built both through hands-on experience of servicing clients from varied industries worldwide and by creating a knowledge pool of resources from specific industries.Our business is helping to make client business indispensable and therefore, we offer end to end legal process outsourcing services. The services include:
    Document Review and Management
    : Law Consults provides a solution for fast, effective document review and management service while managing the client’s budget expectations. Law Consults complements and enhances the substantive document review work by providing a second team of highly skilled legal professionals dedicated to the project. We have experience coordinating litigation vendors around the world for document collection, processing, on-line hosting and production.
    Contract Drafting and Management:
    Law Consults renders contract drafting and management service offerings that enhance its client’s competitive edge while simultaneously reduces and controls their current contract management costs. We identify of on-going obligations, discrepancies, material actions to be taken etc. We infact prepare an accurate synopsis of all the contractual obligations and inform the clients accordingly. Within the contract drafting domain, our expertise extends across all the major functional areas including sales, procurement, channel management, sub-contract administration, public sector, professional services, outsourcing management, HR and audit.
    Para Legal Support:
    Law Consults has a team of top caliber attorneys which specializes in providing litigation support services. Law Consults litigation support team of attorneys provides the following services:
    -Scanning and Imaging
    -Optical character recognition (OCR)
    -Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)
    -Litigation related on-going legal research
    -Data-intensive quasi-legal/non-legal research
    -Review and analysis of documents in case
    -Drafting and report development
    -Electronic data discovery (EDD)
  • Legal Transcription: Law Consults offers flexible legal transcription solutions. We can transcribe general correspondence and letters, legal pleadings and interrogations, subpoenas, briefs etc. We can manage audio/video conversion to text in various formats, transcription recovery – summation and concordance load ready, deposition and trial transcript summaries, transcription of manuscripts, transcription of meetings, interviews, internal affairs and investigations.
  • Due Diligence Management: Law Consults performs due diligence for mergers and acquisitions and private equity investment for its clients and provide them with complete due diligence report. Our team understands the inimitable requirements of each client and their projects. The team conducts the invaluable task of reviewing several documents as a part of pre and post merger due diligence process. We also help them implementation of cross-border restructuring transactions.

The Work Model

We look at business from a chief executive’s perspective – as an integrated, coherent whole. We help clients make the big decisions that will direct their companies’ futures in the legal offshoring space. We start by defining the right questions. Then we dig deep into the numbers to unearth the right solutions. Our work model is simple and effective.

Benefits Offered

Law Consults aims to offer services that are exceptional, offer genuine value and simplify the client’s processes and operations. We offer a broad range of legal offshoring services backed by over fifty years of experience in the legal industry. With a wide network of lawyers around the world and experience, unmatched and incomparable, in virtually every segment of the LPO (legal process outsourcing) industry, we bring extensive expertise to our clients – their satisfaction being our paramount responsibility. This includes exceptionally deep expertise in the range of business issues most critical to growth.

The key benefits offered are:

  • Customized Legal Services
  • Qualitative and Trained Attorneys
  • Huge Cost Savings
  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure
  • Data Protection and Confidentiality
  • Flexibility and Transparency
  • Continuity of Work
  • Guaranteed ROI
  • Best Work Quality
  • India Advantage / Scalability