Rao Bahadur Madho Prasad Gupta was the first person to obtain a B.A. in English in the State of Rajasthan, in Jaipur. He then obtained an LL.B degree from the University of Allahabad in the year 1926 and then went on to join the Bar at Ajmer.

This marks the foundation of Law Consults.

On January 7, 1929, Rao Bahadur Madho Prasad Gupta joined the Judicial Service as a Munsif at Jaipur and retired as the first Registrar of the High Court of Rajasthan in 1951. His third son, Hon’ble Justice D.P. Gupta obtained his law degree in 1947 and joined the Bar in 1951 and continued to practice law at Jaipur and Jodhpur and appeared in several matters in the Supreme Court. He was elevated as a Judge of High Court of Rajasthan in 1973 and retired as the Chief Justice of High Court of Rajasthan in 1986. Hon’ble Justice D.P. Gupta also remained as the Governor of the State of Rajasthan during 1984 – 1985.

Aruneshwar Gupta, the second son of Hon’ble Justice D.P. Gupta obtained his LL.B degree in 1976 from Jodhpur and started his career with Ramamurthy & Co. on August 1, 1976 with Shri R.K. Garg and Shri S.C. Agarwal as its partner and Shri D.P. Singh as the Senior Advocate. Shri S.C. Agarwal was elevated as a judge of the High Court of Rajasthan in 1978 and a judge of Supreme Court n 1990. Aruneshwar Gupta was associated with Shri P.R. Mridul, Senior Advocate, a former judge of Bombay High Court in 1978 till 1982. Law Consults finally got its name from Shri R.K. Garg in 1984 and has since continued to grow persistently.

Advocates associated with Law Consults:

1. R.K. Naroola
2. Inderbir Singh Alag
3. Alok Sharma
4. Sunil Narula
5. Rudra Kalhon
6. P.I. Jose
7. Pushpendra S. Bhati
8. Karamveer Dhaiya
9. Karan S. Bhati
10. Ms. Aditi Chaudhry
11. Manoj K. Das
12. Nikhilesh Ramachandra
13. Manish Garg
14. Ms. Rachna Vaish
15. Ms. Reena Bagga
16. Srilok Nath Rath
17. Ajay Chaudhry
18. Dr. Sushil Balbada
19. Ms. Namita Narula
20. Ms. Uma Paneri
21. Amarjeet Singh Bedi
22. Ms. Sonali Malhotra
23. Prashant Kumar
24. Triveni Potekar
25. Rajan Narain
26. Navin K.Singh
27. Kumar Kartikay
28. Ms. Adarsh Sabharwal
29. Ms. Shikha Tandon
30. Shashwat Gupta
31. V.K. Agarwal
32. Ms. Shivangi
33. Ashvin Vaish
34. Vinod Pandey
35. Bharat Bhushan
36. Bijan Ghosh
37. Anand Mishra
38. Manish Raghav
39. Nikhil Singh
40. Ms. Ajita Sahu
41. Varun Dewan
42. Swati Arya
43. Priyanka Arora

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